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私立恵比寿中学「金八」の魅力⑫:いなせなエビ中、男前ソング「大漁恵比寿節」 The charm of the album “Kinpachi” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku⑫: You can enjoy dashing, smart Ebichu through this song, ‘Tairyo Ebisu Bushi’


 This album is full of various music elements, and you finally find this song has a Japanese style.


【廣田】上がれど 上がれど 終わらぬ進級 気づけば 中学何年生?

    大きな御旗に集ったら 咲かせてみせます 学芸会

        ヤーレン ソーラン ヨッチョレヤ 大漁恵比寿節!構え!

    そいや! そいや!

 【Hirota】No matter how many times I move up, I can’t get to the top grade. What grade am I in now?

            Let’s get together under the big flag, and we’ll bring off our Performance Day

            Yah-ren So-ran Yocchore-ya, let's sing our song to invoke a good catch. Are you ready?

【廣田】Yeah! 太鼓 Rock You

    ヤーレン ソーラン ソーラン ソーラン

 【Hirota】Yeah! Drums, Rock You

            Yah-ren So-ran So-ran So-ran So-ran

【安本】大漁のAnthem(そいや! そいや!)

 【Yasumoto】An Anthem for a good catch (Soiya! Soiya!)


 【Matsuno】The ship just now launched  Behold the clear wake of it



【真山】潮の流れを読み お前が舵を取れ!

 【Mayama】Read the tide, and you take the helm




 「潮の流れ」が「ショーの流れ」に聞こえるのは狙ってのことでしょうか。作詞・作曲は井手コウジさんとなっています。SMAPの‘SUMMER GATE’も手掛けた方と知って驚きました。彼らの16thアルバム「MIJ」の中で一番お気に入りだった曲です。同アルバムのディスク2の1曲目‘トイレットペッパーマン’にも中居さんとの共作でクレジットされています。エビ中にはもう一曲「キャンディロッガー」という曲を提供されています。

 It may be on purpose that they sing the words ‘Shio no Nagare (How the tide goes)’, as if it is ‘Show no Nagare (How the show goes)’. This song was written by Koji Ide. I was surprised that he also wrote a song called ‘SUMMER GATE’ sung by SMAP. The song was my favorite among the tracks in their 16th album ‘MIJ’. Plus, he was credited as a writer of ‘Toilet Pepperman’, the first track of the disc 2 of the album, jointly with Masahiro Nakai. He offered another song to Ebichu, and the song is “Candy Rock Girl”.    


Samurai Dreamers -サビレルナ和ヨ- feat.TAKUMA(10-FEET)/TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA

 I have an impression that this ‘Tairyo Ebisubusi’ is a sort of song which makes the concert lively. I can enjoy the Ebichu’s dashing aspect. There must be numerous examples of the songs which took in the Japanese style effectively. Among the recent songs, what comes up to mind first is a song called ‘Sabireruna Wa yo’, a collaboration between Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and TAKUMA (10-FEET). 



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