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巨大竜巻パニック映画「イントゥ・ザ・ストーム」: A meteorological disaster film which is quite exciting “Into the Storm”


 This is just an entertainment, disaster film. I watched a movie called “Into the Storm” on Amazon Prime for free.


 Even though it is all called disaster films, actually there are many sorts of themes which they are on such as animals, aliens, earthquakes, fires, and so on. This movie is a disaster film about huge tornados. When it comes to a movie about tornados, the one which comes into my mind first is “Twister”, released in 1996. That movie is one of my favorites, but this “Into the Storm” is somehow even better than it for me.



 On that day, they are holding a graduation ceremony in the high school in the country town of Silverton, Oklahoma. The vice-principal, Gary Fuller (Richard Armitage) asks his two sons, Trey (Nathan Kress) and Donnie (Max Deacon), to record messages from the seniors for a time capsule. However, Donnie leaves the job to Trey because he goes to an abandoned factory to help a girl, who he has a crush on, with her project. In the meantime, Pete (Matt Walsh) who is a storm chaser are heading for Silverton on an armored vehicle nicknamed “Titus” with his team. Because he learned that a tornado would touch down in that town through analyzing the weather information. The tornado which actually touches down in the city as he thought hits the high-school and then the abandoned factory where Donnie is in, but it is just a first one of the series of tornados which will hit the town one after another.


 The actress who played Allison Stone, Pete’s meteorologist, was Sarah Wayne Callies. She appeared in the drama “Prison Break” as a lover of the main character. Trey, one of the sons of the vice-principle, was played by Nathan Kress who appeared on the drama “ICarly” as Freddie Benson, a friend of Carly. They are both my favorite actors so I was pleased to see them on the film, but I’m sure this movie would have been exciting one even without them. Apart from the plot, I found two daredevils, who appeared in some part of this movie as would-be YouTubers, really exhilarating. What they are like is, in my opinion, an embodiment of typical American jokes.