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A guy who takes people aback: 度肝を抜く男 ナスD「陸海空 地球制服するなんて」



 I know It sounds like something after all this time but please allow me to bring up this topic, I guess Takahide Tomoyori who is called “’Unheard-of’ Nas D” must be loved by so many people. He is a TV director who is very active rather than other entertainers in a TV variety show in which they go on location in Amazon and the program is broadcast every Saturday night. About a year ago, I happened to watch this TV program and really was taken aback when I saw his face dyed black.

【#13】ナスDの大冒険YouTube版!気絶…その後、新たな冒険の始まり編/Episode”Crazy Director Passes Out & Begins a New Adventure”


 He visited someone like a witch in that program. He was told to purify himself by taking s bath in a pond or something, in which the water is not so clear, near her place. He meekly followed the instruction but he somehow began to gulp down the water and the witch was so surprised that she stopped him confusedly. At a place where he was invited, the local people treated him to a drink proudly saying “This is really strong one.”, but he emptied one bottle after another so people were amazed. He never refuses any food or drink whatever the local people offer to him, and it’s really exhilarating to see him eating or drinking them up heartily.  

 先日,「大アマゾンSP U字工事とナスDの大冒険」という4時間番組がありました。そこでも,女性の唾液で発酵させたお酒を美味しそうに飲み干し,魚料理は骨まで食べ尽くして,現地の人々の度肝を抜いていました。


 The other day, there was a four-hour program titled “Dai Amazon SP Yuji Koji and Nas D no Daibouken”. Nas D drunk up something which was fermented with women’s saliva with a relish and ate up cooked fish even to the bones to take the local people aback in that program, too.

 I’m somehow proud of him as a Japanese.