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The footage of the floods reminds me of the disaster in Nagasaki : 長崎大水害を思い出します


 I’m surprised at the extent of the damage inflicted by the heavy rain. I feel really sorry for the people who are still waiting for a rescue party, someone who lost their house, and others who lost their families.


 On July 23, 1982, it was almost 36 years ago, Nagasaki was damaged by a flood disaster. I was a third-grader of junior high school. I was playing an arcade game in a small shop with a friend when it started raining. I put my head up because I heard the sound of the rain which I had never heard, then I was surprised at the extremely torrential rain. I said “It looks quite dangerous!” to the friend and then left the shop to go home in a big hurry. The rain drops which hit my umbrella was so huge that I thought I had never experienced. When I get to my place, the road in front of my house was becoming like a river. The rain wouldn’t ease off even after night came, the road already looked like a river when I looked out a window. I was worried about my father who didn’t came home yet, but he called us later to tell he had been in a relative’s place.


 Fortunately, our house was not damaged so much. My father, I heard this later, was on his way home driving a light truck, and he found the road submerged in a moment, then the truck, it’s unbelievable, began to float. He tied the truck to a utility pole and then ran frantically for a relative’s house up on the hill.




 I never forget the dreadful state of the city after water had gone. I remember All the flagstone along the rails for streetcars are ripped up perfectly, and I saw the traces that showed the height of water at around the second floor of buildings in the downtown area. I heard there was a rainfall of over 100 mm per hour, and in some place there was 187 mm of rain which was the highest on record. 299 irreplaceable lives were lost in the disaster.

 I sincerely hope that the extent of the damage by the downpour won’t increase anymore.