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Movies so much better than I thought : 思った以上によい映画 「きっとうまくいく(3 Idiots)」


 I’ve been interested in a movie titled “3 Idiots” which has gotten more than 4 stars in various movie review sites. However, I have hesitated to see it because I haven’t been interested in Indian movies and it takes two hours and fifty minutes to see through it. I finally made up my mind to see it today.


 物語の大筋は,インドの名門大学,ICE工科大学の卒業生の2人が,同窓生に呼び出されて,大学時代の親友ランチョーを探し出すというものです。大半は学生時代の回想シーンで,学長との対立,家族との軋轢などを通じて,友情を深める様々なエピソードが語られます。主人公であるランチョーは「オール イズ ウェル(きっとうまくいく)」を口癖にいつも周囲を励まし,因習を嫌い,自由を求める奔放さをもちながら,純粋に学問を愛する青年です。

  It is the outline of the plot that two graduates from ICE engineering college are summoned by an old classmate and try to find another old classmate who was a very close friend for them when they were in the college. The greater part of the story is about episodes of their college life through which their friendships had deepened, for example,  confrontation with the principal, frictions in families and so on. The main character Rancho is a young guy who genuinely loves to study and always says “All is well” to encourage people around him, and he pursues freedom with wild behavior hating old conventions.



 About thirty minutes from the beginning, to be honest, I felt a little bit bored and almost stop watching because it was difficult to understand the relationships among the people and the setting of the story. Still, I continued watching due to the charm of Rancho to end up absorbing in it because some occasions or incidents that symbolizes the social background or educational problems in India are depicted so well. An actor who played the daughter of the university president somehow reminds me of a Japanese actor Koyuki and very beautiful to be attractive. I laughed and cried a lot so I was refreshed when I came to the credit roll.

 I’d like to see various types of movies without prejudice.