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A new album I’m into now : 椎名林檎トリビュートアルバム 「アダムとイヴの林檎」






 The other day, I was absorbed in reading an article in a blog. What is written there was a review of a tribute album to Shiina Ringo.


 Speaking of Adam and Eve, what comes into my mind is the forbidden fruit. I can’t help eating it. So I immediately bought the album to listen to it intently. 


 The contents are as follows.




 First, I was fascinated by the gorgeous lineup of the artists who joined this album. I was surprised to see even Inoue Yousui joining it. (Is that because he is from Fukuoka where Ringo is also from?) The theme of the album is “beyond generations, beyond genres, beyond relationships”, and various artists were chosen so well in line with the theme.

 About the selection of songs, I was so glad to find 6 tunes chosen from “Muzai Moratorium”, which is the first album of Ringo. The fact so many songs were chosen from this album, despite the first one, shows how good the album is.



  Now, the song which impresses me most is “Sid to Hakutyumu” sung by MIKA. The song was arranged fashionably like a kind of the bossa nova, and I think they successfully extracted the essence of the original song and showed it in a different way. I didn’t know about MIKA at all so I checked the singer online to end up being amazed by an article which said he is from Lebanon and now lives in London. The correct pronunciation seems to be “mi:ka”.

 “Kouhukuron” by Rekishi is rather similar to the original single song than the one in the first album, so it made me smile.



  Some songs have almost the same air as Ringo's originals, but the other ones with totally different arrangement seem to show clearly the excellent quality of the original songs. Now, I’m realizing that the melodies created by Ringo is actually so pop and catchy that they are all right no matter how they are arranged.