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Subdued but not boring movie 淡々としてるけど退屈じゃない映画:「日の名残り」




 I had nothing in particular to do for Golden Week this year, too. That means I had a plenty of time to enjoy some books or movies I had wanted to. There was a movie that particularly impressed me, and its title was “Remains of the Day”.

 The plot is quite simple. It is a reminiscence of a butler named Stevens about his old days when he worked with a housekeeper, Miss Kenton, in a country manor in England. I can simply put it that it is a story of fruitless love between them. I know you may think it must be a boring one, but actually it isn’t.




 You can’t see anything sensational in the movie, there is no action, no affairs, no mystery there. There is, however, something that makes me feel uneasy in the background of the story. The time Stevens looks back on is the years leading up to the Second World War. You can see some kinds of shadows of tragedy like the Nazis, secret diplomacy and the down fall of lord Darlington who Stevens served.

 The actors were really good, especially Anthony Hopkins who played Stevens did a great job.

 The book which the movie based on was written by Kazuo Ishiguro who was born in Nagasaki. I’d like to read the book sometime in the future, too. 





日の名残り (ハヤカワepi文庫)

日の名残り (ハヤカワepi文庫)