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"I understand your reservation" ドラマ「24」より


 Recently, I'm watching 24, the famous American TV drama after all this time. Actually, it's the second time for me to watch it, but I don't remember any details so I can enjoy it as much as I did before. It's the second season that I'm watching now is, and I realize again that any season or any moment of this drama is exciting and never dull. I can't come up with any other dramas which can be comparable to this. I'm happy with my forgetfulness now.

 今日このドラマで心に残った表現は、"I understand your reservation"でした。通常、 reservationという言葉を私たちはホテルやチケットなどの予約という意味で使いますが、ここでは不安や心配事といった意味で使われています。このような意外な意味を持つ言葉に出会ったとき、見慣れた言葉に対して思い込みを持ってはいけないな、と実感します。

 The expression that stayed in my mind today in this drama was "I understand your reservation". We usually use the word "reservation" as booking, for hotel rooms, for some tickets and so on, but in this case the word means misgivings or uneasiness. When I run across these kind of word which has meanings unexpected I realize that I shouldn't have any fixed idea about familiar words.