ましのみ2ndアルバム再レビュー 聴けば聴くほど:The second review of Mashinomi’s 2nd album  The more I listen to it, the more I love it


 I can’t contain my feelings of love to this album. I mentioned Mashinomi’s second album the other day, and now I’m realizing that the more I listen to it, the more I love it. There are many songs I listen to repeatedly.

【ましのみ】フリーズドライplease(ほぼFull Ver.)【MV】


 Mashinomi is a unique singer-songwriter who sings songs playing keyboard herself. In this album, you perhaps recognize that she is not only a great keyboardist but also a great singer. I’m fascinated by her voice which has a wide range and the stability which is shown in all over the range.

ましのみ『Q.E.D.』10MR 東日本FINAL STAGE 1日目【グランプリ】


 Some of the songs in this album could hit the charts, in my opinion. The songs especially I’m obsessed with  are “Bika sarechatte taihendesu” and “Zero gravity no kiss” for the time being. I’m now frustrated because I have an impression that many people don’t have enough opportunities to listen to this album yet. I myself didn’t care about her songs so well, like “Mashinomi?  Well, I know, you mean the singer who sang the song ‘Put-your-hands-up’, right?”, until I listen to this album properly. You can see how much she has a capability as a singer-songwriter through this album, so I hope many people to enjoy this album.








全部食べたい!朝食のバイキングに大満足 「大江戸温泉物語 長崎ホテル清風」:I feel like eating all the foods! I enjoyed the buffet to the full. At“O-Edo onsen monogatari Nagasaki hotel Seifu”



 I went to the restaurant on the fourth floor after enjoying the morning spa. Breakfast was buffet style.




 The restaurant which was pleasantly clean served so many kinds of foods that it was difficult for me to decide what to have. In addition to the usual Japanese or Western foods, there were something unique in Nagasaki such as just cooked fish-paste products, Goto udon, rather small Chinese meat buns, and boiled rice soaked in a kind of fish stock called agodashi. What I want you to have best is “Kaisen Nokke Don” which is a bowl of rice with ingredients that you like as much as you want on it. The ingredients you can choose were raw fish, boiled young sardines, thick wakame leaves near the stalk, grated Chinese yam, okras and so on, and there probably were more than ten sorts of ingredients on the counter. There was a incredibly good choice of meals for breakfast.




 I heard dinner is also buffet style, and even breakfast was that great so I felt quite regretful that we missed dinner. Next time, I’d like to take a bath while I can see the night view, then I'll enjoy dinner.

 Staying at Nagasaki hotel Seifu was somewhat really refreshing even for local guys like us, and the hotel bill was quite reasonable, so I can recommend you to stay there for sure. I hope you to visit there when you come to Nagasaki.


Somehow there are many Mangas so children can also enjoy here.





露天風呂で楽しむ長崎の夜景 「大江戸温泉物語 長崎ホテル清風」:An open-air bath where you can enjoy the night view of Nagasaki. At “O-Edo onsen monogatari Nagasaki hotel Seifu”


 The night view you look out across while taking a bath is something special. I had an opportunity to stay at a hotel called “Nagasaki hotel Seifu” which is located half way up the Mt. Inasa.



 I love to go to a spa with my friends so I was very pleased when I heard several years ago that “O-Edo onsen monogatari”, a famous chain spa, would open in the hotel “Seifu” . I made an inquiry at the hotel and it turned out that the spa was available for the visitors who stayed there. I’d been hoping to visit and stay there someday and I finally made it this time.




 Our plan included dinner and breakfast, but we checked in too late so we couldn’t have dinner because the restaurant closed at 9 p.m. I was really disappointed because I heard their dinner was great but I decided that I would reserve it for the next time and I pulled myself together. I heard the spa would close at 12 a.m. so we went there soon. There are two spas, on the third floor and the eleventh floor, and it depends on the time which is for men and which is for women. The third floor was for men at that time. It was a rather tiny but cozy spa and we enjoyed the view of lights on the opposite shore of Nagasaki harbor.




 The next morning, we went to the eleventh floor to take a bath in the open-air bath with a view. Although the sky was overcast sometimes a few pale rays were getting through the clouds, so we enjoyed heartily the morning spa. You can see the view of Nagasaki harbor and the center of the city on the opposite shore immediately over the edge of the spa. You can also look down on the view of the townscape from the foot of Mt. Inasa toward the harbor just below your eyes if you put your face out over the edge of the spa. The view from there was somewhat different from the view which is familiar to me from the observatory at the top of Mt. Inasa.

 I was surprised when I saw a box which has some popsicles that you can eat for free in the dressing room. I will tell you about the morning buffet next time.



語ってはいけない本 「慟哭」貫井徳郎著:Books that you are not allowed to talk about “Dokoku” by Nukui Tokuro


 Sometimes I find some books that we shouldn’t talk about the impression. Nukui Tokuro’s first work “Dokoku”, which I read the other day, is the one exactly like that. 

慟哭 (創元推理文庫)

慟哭 (創元推理文庫)



 I will talk about the settings that is all right to talk about. In this book, two plots are narrated alternately, the one is about how the police desperately investigate the serial murders of little girls, and the other is about how a man gets into a new cult. The point where the readers are intrigued is how these two plots will meet at the end of the story.  



 This book was released in 1993. I feel I should have known this book earlier. I was surprised to know that there was such a book like this more than 10 years before the books such as “Hazakura no KIsetsu ni Kimi wo Omou to Iukoto” (2003), and “Initiation Love” (2004). I also read the other books by Nukui, “Prism”, his second work, and “Gukoroku”, his third work, at a stretch. Each of them is so interesting that I was absorbed. What I’m really impressed is that he changes his narrative style in every book. I can see him making efforts so that the readers wouldn’t get tired of his works.

 I’m overjoyed now because I’m feeling the same exhilaration that I felt by reading the series of detective boys circle when I was a boy. 

プリズム (創元推理文庫)

プリズム (創元推理文庫)



愚行録 (創元推理文庫)

愚行録 (創元推理文庫)






ライブ配信の喜び ずとまよ,大森靖子:The delights of live streaming  Zutomayo, Omori Seiko


  The online distribution of “Mabushii DNA Dake”, the new song by Zutto Mayonaka de Iinoni, has started. ACAne streamed live on Instagram ahead of the distribution. I don’t use Instagram usually, so I got into a panic because I didn’t know how to watch it, but I could make it. 



 That was an outdoor live. All I could barely see was “Uniguri”, which is the mascot of Zutomayo, in front of a factory or something and the wind was howling.  ACAne’s MC started and then she played three songs with the acoustic guitar. First she sang the new song “Mabushii DNA Dake”, the next was “Saturn”, and the last was “Byoshin wo kamu”. I was so glad that I texted a lot.


 調子に乗ってラインライブにも手を出して,大森靖子さんの配信も楽しんでいます。こちらは,3月13日発売予定の「絶対彼女feat. 道重さゆみ」の先行イベントです。3月17日まで公開の模様。いい時代に生まれた喜びをかみしめています。

 Now I’m getting carried away so I tried LINE LIVE to watch Omori Seiko’s streaming. This is a promotional event for the new song “Zettai shojyo featuring Michishige Sayumi” which will be released on March 13. This streaming is available until March. 17. I’m savoring the joy of living in a great time.

大森靖子『絶対彼女 feat. 道重さゆみ』(MV)






絶対彼女 feat. 道重さゆみ(2CD+DVD)

絶対彼女 feat. 道重さゆみ(2CD+DVD)







アルバム・レビュー ましのみ「ぺっとぼとレセプション」:Album reviews “Pet-bottle-reception” by Mashinomi


 I'm sure you will find some songs addictive. It’s been a year since the shocking number “Put-your-hands-up shicha dame” was released. Mashinomi, a singer-songwriter, has released her second album the other day.

【ましのみ】2nd ALBUM「ぺっとぼとレセプション」2/20発売【全曲ダイジェスト】


 The songs contained in the new album were something that doesn’t allow to be categorized and full of positive atmosphere as the previous one was. In addition to that, the words and the way of singing has somehow matured and getting even better. The impression that “Put-your-hands-up shicha dame” gave you was somewhat playful and elusive, and this impression could be not only her charm but also something to be overcome. In this album, in my opinion, she could get through it and reached the next stage.


 The new album contains thirteen songs. The songs particularly I like were these three, the first one is the first number on the album called “Freeze dry please” and the next is the forth one called “Bika sarechatte taihendesu”, and the other is the ninth song "Turning Point". I feel her potential energy from those songs.





本がますます好きになる本 「桜風堂ものがたり」村山早紀著: A book that makes you love books even more  “Ofudo Monogatari” by Murayama Saki


 “I want to be a bookseller.” I guess anyone who loves books must have thought like that at least once. I felt like that after a long time when I read this book. 






 The strip of paper around the book says “This is a story about a heartwarming miracle that happens at a bookstore in the country”. The story is totally different from what I imagined.

 Tsukihara Issei is a bookseller who is in charge of the paperback corner at a bookstore called Ginga Do. He is shy, kind and sincere, plus he is a kind of bookseller who loves books from the bottom of his heart. His colleagues have great trust in him, and he is proud of his job but he has to quit the job because of a shoplifting case that happens at Gingado. Issei has made friends with some people who he knew through his private blog. Among them there is an owner of a bookstore called “Ofudo” which has lasted since the Meiji era. Issei who has just quit his job comes up with an idea of visiting Ofudo which is located in somewhere he can’t get to and back from in a day, and he actually sets out for the bookstore.



 You can see an ideal bookstore here. In addition to that you can find ideal people, an ideal town, an ideal place where you belong in. In that meaning, you can call this book a fairy tale wrapped in real life. I originally like books which has a theme clearly like detective story, historical novel, nonfiction, and biography. This book is not a book like that so I needed the courage a little to read it. Once I started to read it, I got into it soon enough but I took a lot of time to enjoy it because I felt this book was somewhat relaxing and comfortably slow. I thought it is how great to engage in works that has something to do with books while reading. I somehow shed tears I can’t explain well.

 This book is a nominee for 2017’s Book Sellers Award. I heard Murayama Saki, the author, lives in Nagasaki. I feel proud that an author who can create such a nice story lives in my town.



 it has nothing to do with what I wrote above, but these photos below are of Lantern Festival in Nagasaki this year.

ランタンフェスティバル 2019